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With more than 20 years in the education sector, in STI we always bet to bring the latest technology, creating synergies with partners of first-rate on an international level: Sanako, NeuLog, Optoma, Intelitek, MUV Interactive, Minicom, among others.

In 2010, as result of an analysis carried of the Spanish market situation, in the environment of the “Escuela 2.0” philosophy, we decided to create a new brand, multiCLASS, in order to give advanced technological solutions to teachers, with the best quality-price balance of the market. Our purpose was to introduce an "easy-to-use" technology without reducing the quality or features of the devices. The concept "The power of simplicity" became our slogan and there are many teachers are who thank us day by day for the work done in this direction.

In 2011 we were awarded with the “Sello Escuela 2.0, a quality label given by the Spanish Ministry of Education for our support and commitment with the Spanish education system.

Currently, there are more than 20.000 classrooms have with our technology. There are also many regional Ministry of Education that trust in us for the informatics classrooms equipment, languages laboratory, interactive whiteboards, documents cameras, etc. In addition, for the last few years we are in an international expansion process carrying a wide range of technological solutions to more than 15 countries.

  • multiCLASS
  • multiCLASS
    multiCLASS is our own brand. We have created it in 2010 to give solutions for needs detected in our education market, thanks to years of experience and thanks to the support of teachers and regional Ministries of Education. Involved in the current development of the education system, it provides to teachers and students a wide range of solutions with the most advanced technology, to facilitate learning and improve pedagogical quality, bringing digital technologies to teaching practice.
    Sanako is a Finnish company global leader in language labs and language teaching solutions. With presence in more than 100 countries, it has more than 50 years of experience in the market and more than 50,000 classroom installations all over the world.
    Intelitek is a world leader in development, production and distribution of robotics, artificial vision systems, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and integrated computer manufacturing (CIM) for learning, research and development.
    From the R&D laboratories to the learning labs of schools around the world: NeuLog, the next generation in experimental sensors. NeuLog logger sensors are the fruit of innovative thinking in technological training systems for hands-on education in the sciences, high-tech and industry for grade schools, high schools, universities, vocational schools, and after-school activities programs.
    A worldwide reference in manufacture and design, Optoma is dedicated exclusively to projectors, which has a wide range for business and education. All our multiCLASS Solutions provides Optoma projectors to guarantee the best quality of image in the classroom.

Wide range of technological solutions of multiCLASS brand, both for education and corporate sector. MultiCLASS products are marketed in more than 15 countries.

Complete solutions for the equipment of any school or training center: interactive whiteboards, touch screens, STEM, robotics and programming, computer rooms, furniture, etc.

Solutions for control and multimedia classrooms management, as well as specific solutions for the learning of foreign languages, by Sanako, Finnish manufacturer number #1 worldwide in this type of solutions.

Main Tenders

Galicia´s Tender

Galicia´s  Tender
STI has supplied more than 4,000 multiCLASS Boards IWB for the Xunta de Galicia. Through the Abalar Project, the regional Ministry of Education is promoting the development of the digital competence of students and teachers through the provision of these information and communication technologies.

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Castilla y Leon´s Tenders

Castilla y Leon´s  Tenders
The regional Ministry of Education of Castilla y Leon has relied on STI and Sanako to provide state-of-the-art language laboratories. Through a few tenders, more than 100 schools were equipped with the most advanced language teaching solutions on the market, Sanako Study 1200 and Sanako Lab 100.

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Navarra´s Tenders

Navarra´s  Tenders
The Autonomous Community of Navarra has relied on multiple occasions in STI and multiCLASS technology to equip its classrooms. Through the “Integra TIC-IKT” Project, 5th and 6th elementary classrooms were equipped with multiCLASS Board panoramic interactive whiteboards, projectors, self-powered loudspeakers, computers and multiCLASS Visor document cameras.

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